High Speed Impact Cradle

Designed and engineered for high speed / high tonnage belts, Martin® High Speed Impact Cradles provide belt support in transfer points where belt speeds exceed the operating limits of ordinary impact bar belt support cradles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative patent-pending upper connector brackets link idlers together throughout the load zone, allowing them to work together as a unified structure
  • Elastomer bar suspension absorbs shocks from impact maximizing the life of the belt support structure and rolling components
  • Designed and engineered for high speed/high tonnage belts
  • Designed to withstand the highest speeds achievable with heavy duty idler-rolls
  • Trac-mount idler design provides ease of service
  • Close roll spacing allows effective belt sealing and superior belt support
  • Will accommodate belt widths and troughing angles for CEMA, DIN, SABS and other conveyor standards
  • Will accommodate any manufacturers’ roll design

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Replacing Inadequate Equipment Improves Productivity
A coal mine was experiencing heavy spillage and system damage along the length of a main conveyor due to inadequate loading zone equipment. Impact idlers allowed excessive belt sag, causing high volumes of spillage. Dust and fines fouled idlers, and rocks got lodged between the belt and the skirt, resulting in unscheduled downtime due to frequent equipment failures and chute liner replacements.
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Impact Cradles Minimize Conveyor Belt Damage
A drop of approximately 23 feet onto the belt proved hard on conveyor components, causing excessive wear and damage to both the belt and idlers. Martin® Impact Cradles absorb the impact originating in lumps of material landing on the belt. The cradles prevent impact damage to the belt and other conveyor components and stabilize the belt line to reduce load zone spillage.
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Martin® Impact Cradles Boost Steel Production From 15% to 100%
As production increased at a steel production facility in Mexico, the existing impact cradles started to fail. After inspection, Martin® Impact Cradles were recommended due to the extreme operation conditions. Martin® Impact Cradles had been installed in the client's other mines so they were familiar with the product and knew these impact cradles would solve the problem.
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