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For recycling companies, changing economic conditions around the world are making it more and more difficult to turn a profit. It’s the law of supply and demand and, sure, as more and more consumers have gotten used to recycling household waste, the supply of paper, plastics, metal and glass has expanded. At the same time, however, fluctuations in currency and a cooling Chinese economy have reduced demand, squeezing revenues and profits

While prices have dropped, the cost of processing recyclables hasn’t. In fact, for companies in sustainable materials management (formerly classified as “municipal waste” by the Environmental Protection Agency) the cost of the recycling equipment, manpower and energy required to move all that material has actually gone up because consumers are putting increasing amounts of non-recyclables – like plastic garbage bags – into the stream. This can clog up processing equipment, including conveyor belts and hoppers, and cause unexpected shutdowns. 

High-quality, durable solutions that will improve your conveyor belt operation.

At Martin Engineering, we have a 70-year history of manufacturing high-quality equipment designed specifically to keep materials – like recyclables and waste – flowing efficiently. And because waste and recycling plants move large volumes of material that varies greatly, from household waste and organic byproducts to construction waste, your equipment has to accommodate a wide range of conditions. Whether your flow stream is being moved along by a conveyor system, into and out of a hopper or truck bed, or down a chute and through an unloading port, we have developed products that prevent obstructions from accumulating in turns and bottlenecks.

We are a global leader in providing flow aids like industrial vibrators and air cannons that keep material from sticking to the sides of containers and chutes and obstructing its movement through the process. Plus, we offer the most efficient belt cleaners on the market, eliminating the carryback that can travel with the belt back into the tail pulley and potentially damage your equipment.

Guaranteed to do the job… 100% no risk!

When you’re running on thin profit margins, the conveyor belt equipment you use absolutely has to work. Without fail! At Martin, we back all of our products and services with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That means if you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of any product, you can return it and we will refund your money no questions asked. 

So pick up the phone and call one of our professional engineers or technicians. We enjoy talking shop and would love to hear about your operation, the challenges you face and what you’ve already tried as a solution. With the amount of experience we have under our belts, it’s pretty likely we’ve dealt with it before. And if not, we’re always up for a new challenge!

Increased Productivity
  • Keep downtime for maintenance and housekeeping to a minimum
  • Move recycled material more efficiently through the process
  • Reduce spillage and equipment damage by keeping conveyor belts clean
Safer Operation
  • Prevent material from spilling off of moving conveyor belts
  • Eliminate the need for workers to enter confined spaces
  • Manage airborne dust and minimize the risk of inhalation and explosion
More Profit
  • Deliver more product by maximizing overall throughput
  • Eliminate excessive downtime for conveyor belt maintenance and cleanup
  • Reduce costs by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption
Our Solutions For Your Biggest Challenges:
We Solved Their Problems!
Let us help you solve yours as well. All products and services provided by Martin Engineering carry our Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee. If we don't solve your problem, we will fully refund your money or provide a different solution for you. Period.
Recycling Plant Experiencing Impact Damage And Belt Misalignment
Enertec is dedicated to the recycling of car batteries; they triturate and separate the plastic and the lead from the batteries, and then re-use it to manufacture new batteries. Their conveyor belt suffered from impact damage and misalignment. Some of the batteries ran down the back of the chute, which caused damage to the conveyor belt and also to the tail pulley.
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Martin® Belt Cleaners Save Client Over $55,000 Per Year
An aluminum recycling plant was unhappy with the performance of a competitor’s belt cleaners, and thought replacement blades were too costly. As a result of poor cleaning performance, plant employees were required to vacuum fugitive material from the conveyor pits two to three times per week, at a cost of $1,500 to $2,500 per vacuuming.
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Martin Program Offers Hispanic Workers Advanced Training
With a diverse and multilingual company culture, the Hanson Aggregate Servtex Plant located in New Braunfels, TX was having problems finding advanced training for its Spanish-speaking staff. Most of the courses given by outside specialists with a deep understanding of the plant’s processes were conducted in English.
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Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety

Learn to Calculate your Return on Conveyor Safety™ with our compilation of worldwide best practices for safer bulk material handling in this first-ever textbook dedicated exclusively to the safety of conveyor systems.

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Let Us Walk Your Belt and Save!

Save With Our Martin® Walk the Belt™ Service!

Every conveyor is different, even within the same facility! We can provide regularly-scheduled reviews of your bulk material handling system components, involving a specialized crew with the expertise necessary to achieve high operating standards, keeping the conveyor system running at maximum productivity. Immediate data and photos will be available to facility managers and our suggestions will ensure long-term savings and efficiency.

Get Your Belts Reviewed By People Who Know What They’re Looking At -- At No Charge!

Martin® Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee

We are so confident in the performance of our belt cleaners that we proudly offer the industry's first Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee, an exclusive offer available for current genuine Martin® replacement blade customers. We will provide Martin® replacement tensioners and mainframes for any belt cleaner assemblies as required – whether the ones we're replacing were manufactured by us or not – absolutely free of charge for as long as we have a service relationship including FREE blade installation, tensioning and hardware upgrades, helping to maintain maximum performance and keeping your belt cleaning system running in like new condition – FOREVER!

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