Safety First™

Conveyors are one of the best productivity-enhancing tools available, but conveyor injuries cost employers millions of dollars annually. The main hazards related to belt conveyors are mechanical, including moving components (e.g., idlers, pulleys, belt) that can cause damage by entrainment in nip points, abrasion and burns; and pinching zones (e.g., feeder, skirt-board, skirt-board seal) that can cause damage by shearing and crushing.

All of these hazards are preventable with the right training, preparation and safety precautions. Because of the size of their material cargos, the speed of their operation and the amount of energy they consume and contain, conveyors have shown to be a leading cause of industrial accidents, including serious injuries and fatalities.

Martin’s Safety First™ products and solutions are specifically designed to protect workers from hazards and risks.