Safety First™ Guarding

Martin® Safety First Guarding

Conveyors and pulleys should be equipped with metal guarding to deny employees access to areas of the machinery including nip points and moving parts.

Martin® Conveyor Guards Martin® Conveyor Guards
  • Improves Safety - Mesh guards allow for inspection while keeping workers safely away from moving parts and pinch points.
  • Simple Installation - Wedge clamps allow panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly. Locking tags included for extra security.
  • Universal Design - guards are available in several sizes and can be used in a variety of combinations to fit almost any application. Systems can be easily expanded or relocated as needed. Custom guarding design is available upon request.
  • Self-Supporting - Rugged modular design installs on supplied angle iron structure and does not need to attach to conveyor equipment.
MARTIN® Return Roller Guard Martin® Return Roller Guard
  • Features quick release pins which allow access to the grease fittings within the return roller without the need to remove the guard.
  • Openings are large enough for fines to fall through, but small enough to prohibit access to moving parts when the conveyor is running.
MARTIN® Return Roller Basket Martin® Return Roller Basket
  • Designed to guard the return roller to improve plant safety and productivity.
  • An economical way to improve safety and meet the growing demands of government regulations.
  • Solid steel construction covers all major return roller manufacturers.