Hurricane Air Cannon

Martin® Hurricane Air Cannon improve the flow of bulk materials and prevent outages due to discharge blockages, buildups and ratholes. The Hurricane features a new valve concept that provides more force, uses less air and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum discharge strength from high velocity output with half the air volume, for highly effective discharge and reduced operating costs
  • Designed for simple maintenance. The complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step, working from one side of the tank. It can be replaced within minutes to keep your process running. There is no need to ever remove the tank from the vessel for service
  • Fits in smaller places. More power from less air allows use of smaller air reservoir
  • Fires in response to a positive surge of air sent by a solenoid valve, eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge
  • Positive-acting valve allows control solenoid to be positioned as far as 200 feet (60 m) from the tank, keeping solenoids away from harsh conditions and difficult-to-service areas


  • Fan Jet Nozzle and High Temperature Nozzle are both available

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Brochure - Air Cannon Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Hurricane Air Cannon Download
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Operator Manual - Hurricane Air Cannon - Spanish - M3737_ESP_R Download
Maintenance Instructions - Hurricane Air Cannon Download
Drawing - Hurricane Air Cannon with Thermo Safety Shield and Retractable Nozzle Plumbing Arrangement Download
Drawing - Hurricane Air Cannon with Thermo Safety Shield Plumbing Arrangement w/N.C. Solenoid Valve Download
6-pack program: refurbished valves Download
Application Data Form - Flow Aid Solutions Download
Operator Manual - Hurricane Air Cannon - Spanish - M3747S Download
Air Cannon Nozzle Selection & Installation Guide Download
Operator Manual - Hurricane Air Cannon - French Download

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Martin® Silo Cleaning and Air Cannons Prevent Limestone from Clogging and Shutting Down the Silo
A Drake Cement facility north of Paulden, AZ was experiencing clogging issues on a weekly basis, forcing maintenance personnel to spend up to 10 hours to clear the blockage using tools and compressed air.
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Air Cannons Stop Transfer Chute Clogging and Conveyor Belt Backups
The Hunter Cement Plant facility in New Braunfels, Texas was experiencing transfer chute clogging and conveyor belt backups from wet fines and aggregate on its partially-covered D-07 conveyor. Heavy seasonal rain caused serious spillage issues and accumulation in the chute, which halted plant production.
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Air Cannons Prevent Buildup on Kiln Walls
A mine was experiencing build up on the kiln walls, requiring continuous manual cleanup. This presented potential safety hazards for workers and increased man hours and overall expenses. Martin Engineering recommended installing Martin® 150-Liter Hurricane Air Cannons with retractable nozzles as well as Martin® Thermo Safety Shield.
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Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons Alleviate Ash Buildup
Koda Energy was battling significant buildup problems. Efficient material flow is a critical element of biomass-fired boilers, and accumulation or blockages can take a big bite out of a plant’s efficiency. Ash buildup on furnace walls and tubes can choke the process, degrading equipment performance and introducing the potential for safety risks during clean out.
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Air Cannons Immediately Increase Production
An existing lime kiln had been upgraded in 2014 with the addition of a pre-heater element to allow the plant to burn waste-derived fuels to save on energy costs. The introduction of the pre-heater section with its push rod type design started to create build up issues. Production was now critical with many kiln stops for manual cleaning and rodding.
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Air Cannons Eliminate Blockages Caused By Sticky Iron Ore
At the largest cement producer in Texas, when iron ore would come in wet, or it would rain, the ore got very sticky and would stick to the inside of the silo. TXI would shut down for regular 24 hour periods so they could manually air lance the resulting blockage that was causing low feed rates. Working with Martin Engineering, they developed a plan to install a series of air cannons.
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Air Cannons Eliminate Production Bottlenecks at Steel Production Plant
Rainy weather was causing buildup problems at a steel production plant. The material was accumulating on the walls of the hoppers causing a consistent production bottleneck. To knock down the buildup, the plant resorted to hitting the walls with tools. The frequency of the production stoppages were proving to be too costly - with high labor expenses, shortened refractory life and reduced hopper efficiency.
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Air Cannon Installation Results In 80% Fewer Stops For Cleanup
On the ship unloading conveyors at Arcelor Mittal in France, matter was accumulating along the belt and at the transfer points, which was reducing material flow. The client had to increase the number of stops to manually clean-up the material, generating fairly substantial additional costs.
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Air Cannons Stop Material Buildup with No Unscheduled Shutdowns
The Büyükçekmece cement plant located west of Istanbul, Turkey had to manually dislodge material buildup in one of their cyclones in order to maintain throughput. The unscheduled shutdowns to allow cleanout of the cyclone of the cone and deep tube interfered with production schedules and exposed maintenance staff to potential hazards.
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Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons Correct Ratholing In Chute
Soon after the plant went online, and the high-volume ramped up, engineers started noticing bottlenecks. They noticed a slowdown due to a material build-up in the chute feeding the export silo and discard bin. Operators determined that the freshly-pressed cakes were sticking to the walls of the chute, narrowing the space for product transfer and leaving “rat holes” which restricted flow.
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Easy-Access Air Cannons Increase Productivity
A large cement plant in Texas producing 900,000 tons of cement per year realized they had a problem with the air cannons on the feed shelf leading to the clinker. There was no access to the air cannons and they were in need of constant repair. To reach them, employees had to place scaffolding around the clinker.
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Air Cannons Put An End To Manual Clean Out
The plant handles ash and was experiencing material buildup on the sides of the hoppers. This created a safety concern for those employees who had to perform manual cleanup. Employee safety is important to management so they reached out to Martin Engineering to help eliminate buildup and the need for manual clean out.
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Air Cannons Drastically Reduce Unscheduled Outages At Cement Plant
A plant produces over a million tons of cement every year. Due to the large production volumes, material was building up on the raw feed material inlet chute to the feedshelf in the preheat tower. The plant was incurring unscheduled outages due to buildup and blockages, costing tens of thousands of dollars per year.
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Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons Maintain Material Flow Through Conveyor Transfer Chute
Air Cannons improve transfer chute material flow and eliminates downtime.
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