A silver and lead mine in Northern Mexico was experiencing excessive downtime on a main conveyor transporting raw ore. Spillage and dust emissions were pervasive in the loading and discharge zones, while access for maintenance and cleanup was difficult and unsafe. Dust would cause rolling components to seize, and spillage quickly accumulated around the structure, causing damage to both the belt and rollers. Maintenance workers attempted to fabricate in-house solutions as temporary fixes, which in some cases made the problem worse and resulted in even more safety issues and downtime. To address the reduced production and increased operating costs, managers sought a more reliable long-term solution.


Reaching out to Martin Engineering Mexico, technicians performed a thorough inspection and proposed a Martin® Total Transfer Point Solution, taking a holistic approach to the system from loading to discharge. An Impact Cradle MD (medium duty) promotes belt health and load centering, while Slider Cradles and ApronSeal™ skirting ensure a tight belt seal to reduce spillage. A longer modular chute structure in the settling zone controls dust emissions using a dust bag and curtain system. A Martin Tracker™ promotes belt alignment entering the chute and along the belt path, and the return is fitted with a V-Plow for tail pulley protection. The discharge zone has a QC1™ Primary and SQC2 Secondary cleaner to help prevent carryback and spillage.


Subsequent visits following the system retrofit revealed significant improvements. Operators report that spillage has been nearly eliminated, dust emissions have been mitigated, and equipment life has been extended. By improving air quality and reducing the amount of maintenance and cleanup labor, safety around the area has improved dramatically. "We are very happy with the service and equipment provided by the Martin team," said a manager close to the project. Operators are now reviewing additional conveyors that would benefit from similar solutions to reduce downtime and improve production for an overall lower cost of operation.

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Martin® Impact Cradle MD
Nearly a year and a half after installation, operators report that there has been no damage to the belt and they are just now replacing some bars in the main impact zone. They report that downtime and labor due to maintenance on the loading zone has been drastically reduced, improving production and reducing the cost of operation.
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Belt Alignment Products Prevent Excessive Wear And Extend Belt Life
Minera del Norte´s Cemesa iron ore mining unit was having serious tracking problems with the conveyor belt leading from the primary crushing area. After drifting into constant contact with the frame, longitudinal tears formed on the belt, which reduced the usable width from 36 inches (914 mm) to 32 inches (812 mm). This caused spillage and lowered the production volume.
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PSP 1328 - Transfer Point Solutions
One of the largest silver producers in North America was experiencing excessive dust and spillage on the conveyor leading from the crusher to the surge pile, which lowered air quality, required 5-10 man-hours per day to clean, and caused unscheduled downtime from premature equipment failure.
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