See What Delighted Customers Have To Say About the CleanScrape® Cleaner

"The CleanScrape and secondary cleaners that you recently installed have performed outstanding with immediate results; virtually cleaning 99-100% of fines and residue off of the belt at the point of impact with no carryback. The area behind and under the head roll chute is showing no signs of build up. This had been an area of constant build up requiring regular clean up. I also greatly appreciate your follow up visit to fine tune and check on the performance of the installation and I look forward to working with Martin again in the future." 

Daniel Atkinson
WestRock - Evadale, Texas

"After the installation of the CleanScrape our material loss was cut to just about nothing and cleanup was a breeze." - Read Full Testimonial

Ben Mooney
Martin Marietta - Augusta Quarry

"The CleanScrape Scraper has been the most efficient and lowest maintenance scraper that has been used at our mine site, and that I have ever seen." - Read Full Testimonial

Brock Strachan
Greenhill Operations - Canada

"Following the successful trial of this scraper, I plan to systematically work through many additional key conveyors on this site with this modification." - Read Full Testimonial

Mark McCarthy, Maintenance Superintendent  
Boral Cement - Australia 

"The cleaners were are so effective, we anticipate we will have them installed on each transfer point by 25 December 2015." - Read Full Testimonial

Robert Thraves, Outbye Services Superintendent
Ulan Underground Coal Mine - Australia 

"The cleaning results of this primary cleaner are to be regarded as excellent. The use of an additional cleaner is absolutely not necessary." - Read Full Testimonial

Wolfgang Scheurer, Operations Manager
Walhalla Kalk GmbH & Co. KG 

"There have not been any interruptions since these CSP Belt Cleaners have been installed. The maintenance requires insignificant efforts. More cleaners will be ordered." - Read Full Testimonial


"Maintenance is almost unnecessary. The volume of cleaning activities at the belt systems has been significantly reduced owing to the use of IBS cleaners. We highly recommend the use of this system." - Read Full Testimonial

Ramp & Salzmann
Uwe Schridde

"The cleaning results of this pre cleaner can be assessed as excellent. The use of an additional scrapers is absolutely not necessary." - Read Full Testimonial

Johann  Bergmann GmbH & Co.
Bernd Stolze

"We will install this system at our other conveyors according to our needs, as it contributes to cleanliness and cost reduction through low maintenance requirements." - Read Full Testimonial

Timo Hoffmann
Fels-Werke GmbH

"I can highly recommend the IBS cleaner because the cleaning performance is extremely good and maintenance is actually eliminated." - Read Full Testimonial

HeidelbergCement AG
Werk Leimen

"We will install this system on additional conveyors. We are convinced that it contributes to the more safety, cleanliness and cost reduction (no abrasion of belts) at our facility." - Read Full Testimonial

HeidelbergCement AG

"Since installing the new cleaning system, the rubber belt is cleaned properly and the system is operating efficiently, no matter the weather." - Read Full Testimonial

Jordi Carrasco, Mechanical Manager  
Omya - Arboç

"The 2 CleanScrapes we have installed to date have reduced our cleanup time significantly. Everyone is loving the benefits. At this point, we are looking forward to installing the CleanScrape on all of our nusiance belts throughout the plant. We have $36K budgeted for transition work and belt cleaners this year and based on the results, we are planning for them all to be CleanScrapes."

Nathaniel Bristow, Plant Manager

Lhoist North America